Second issue of DYSONA - Life Science


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DYSONA - Life Science published articles


1- In silico study of various antiviral drugs, vitamins, and natural substances as potential binding compounds with SARS-CoV-2 main protease
2- Heavy metal phytoremediation potential of CYP4502E1 expressing A. thaliana and S. grandiflora plants
3- In-vivo study of the anti-diabetic effect of Ballota saxatilis
4- Retrospective study of bacterial Infections among children under six years in Diyala governorate, Iraq
5- Effects of some heavy metal pollutants on liver and kidney performance of mullet captured from Tubruk harbor comparing to Umm Hufayan lagoon
6- In silico study of dynamic level interaction between CLF36 peptide and coronavirus surface protein in Bovine coronaviruses

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