Number of Published Volumes: 4

Number of Published Issues: 11

Number of Published Articles: 42


View Per Article: 736.14

PDF Download Per Article: 316.88


Acceptance Rate: 39%

Average Time to Acceptance: 41 days


DYSONA - Life Science is an international open access peer reviewed journal. DYSONA - Life Science aims to introduce the latest findings and report remarkable observations in the broad fields of life science. Micro, local, and case studies are encouraged if the tackled issue is discussed on a broader level. Review articles are currently invited only. Therefore, kindly contact the editorial office before submitting a review paper. The broad subjects covered by DYSONA – Life Science include but are not limited to:

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Health and Medicine

All articles categorized under the previous broad subjects are considered within the scope of DYSONA – Life Science. Reports in relation to disease breakouts, pandemics, invasive species, and other urgent subjects are handled with utmost priority. Furthermore, the following subjects are currently exceptionally welcome:

  • Case and population studies in biology and medicine
  • Innovative methods in biology and biotechnology
  • In silico studies
  • Pure and applied microbiology


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